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Benefit herbs in diabetes.

three tbl.sp. of birch buds in three glasses of the hot water, infuse for 6 hours,filter, use within a day on half glass on the meal time.

in thermos put three tbl.sp.chopped kidney beans and pour over 2glasses of the hot water, infuse for 6 hours, filter, use for 3 times/day before meal.

one tbl.sp. roots burdock pour over in half glasses of water, infuse 12 hours, boiling and 5 minutes, infuse hour, filter, use on 3/4 glass for 5 times/day, in hour after meal.

ten big leaves plantain adding in glass of the hot water, infuse 15 minutes, filter, use on 3 times/day.

And herbs use are constantly, on three months, with week resting,regularity alternating collections.

And weak vessels are bad in diabetes, as often results of these are haemorrhage's under skin, trophic ulcers forming, and for prevent theirs use baths of three tbl.sp. herb clover in one l. of the hot water, infuse for 2 hours, filter,add in bath.

6 tbl.sp. of inula helenium in one l. of the cold water, infuse for 4 hours, boil for 20 minutes, filter,add in bath.

Warm bath is on 37C, for 15 minutes, course are 12 baths in a day, for 3 times/year.

And doctors sharing,that stress and depression in diabetes are worsening for his progression, and in good mood, as hormones manufacturing are changing insulin, stabilizing sugar level in blood, thus be positive more and think, that if am sick its a not reason to be in depression, am cure and forget about diabetes, and try to do,what you are enjoy with positive minds and emotions, as laugh till LOL, and often!


Sugar diabetes is no for disease say!

Is endocrine diseases, when organism is failure in pancreas gland, in results are forming carbohydrate, fat, protein metabolism, and today disease is not cure, but you can to soft displays.
And here are two types of diabetes, first display, when in organism stopped insulin produced, here metabolism is bad, as glucose utilization, and medics are not sured why this is happens, and provoking facts are beating on pancreas ,which answers on insulin are immunity broken, and pancreatitis, injuries peritoneum, genetically predisposition, rare of obesity, bad meal, chronic stress,these are bad for insulin produce, thus is insulin diabetes.
But when insulin in norm and diabetes having, when sugar in blood is high, thus diabetes is second type, as insulin not depending.As our pancreas as rise or low insulin, how many e are eaten sweets, but sometimes regulator delay in norm, and quality insulin not changing, and not matter about a how much sugar entering in they blood, and Sweet occupant filling in organism till diabetes.
And diabetes is riddle diseases, as masking on anemia, astenia, pancreatitis, and success cure is Early diagnosis put, and if for the last are 4-6 months are happening of half symptoms, you need doing blood test on the sugar of urea, and blood.

An often urination, thirst, fast weight loosing or rising, weakness, sleepiness, bad vision till white before eyes, low sex ability, numbness, prickly extremities is on the morning, dizziness, healing wounds slowly, lowering temperature till 36.6, faster tiredness heaviness in the legs, calves cramps.

When doctor checked your analyses he will prescribe insulin for an everyday entering, as right on the hours, if not entering,results are hard, in insulin non depending kind insulin not entering,but this kind is more harder, and patients using remedies for the glucose level stability, metabolism, improving pancreas work, kidneys, liver, cardiovacular, vision, if right doing prescribes,you must to freeze his for many years keeping energy and work capacity for the all life.

And not just remedies are helping you, you must using and diet, as eating more spices of onion and garlic, adding in meal salad, celery,spinach, avoiding all red,orange vegetables,fruits, fruits are bananas, strawberry, apple, persimmon, cherry, sweet cherry, grape, beet, tomatoes.
Limiting are fat meat, pork, lard, butter oil, and avoiding sugar, are of sweets, pies, cakes, alchokol, gas, add sweeteners, but doctors today are not sure in theirs,these are more sweetener, than sugar, they are sure in stevia, and add saturating diet, different, of breakfast are 20-25 percent of daily ration, 2 nd breakfast are ten percents, lunch are 30-35 percents, afternoon snack are ten percent, second dinner are 5-10 percents.

And a most benefit vegetable for you is artichoke, as in his having are 35 percent of natural insulin, eat as fresh on two-three tubers for 3 times/day before meal, on winter time prepare tubers powder grinded of, as one tbl.sp. powder in warm water to add, close, infuse for 3 hours, filter, use one glass before meal for 3-5 times/day.

Or drink his juice on glass for three times/day before meal.

As in medic press sharing about acetone smell mouth in diabetes, but on the real time it is complicated diabetes,which needing in hospitalization!

art as ulmus.

After acute displays are removed of heart heumatism, use infusions ,they are heart supporting and rising restoring process after diseases, select one-2 collections and use courses on 1-2 months, if they are not helped you, thus change collection.

As two parts of ledum herb, part of small burning nettle, adding  tbl.sp. of mass in one l. of the hot water, infuse warm into for 30 minutes, filter, use on half glass for 6 times/day.

part of acorus calamus root, two part herbs melissa, buds pines and eucalyptus leaves, three parts herb oregano, fruits parsnip black, herb viola tricolor, herb thyme, five parts fr. hibiscus, and herb hypericum, adding one l. of the hot water are 6 tbl.sp. of mass, infuse night in thermos, filter, use all within a day, by small portions.

mix are fl. ledum, roots raspberry forest, roots, leaves nettle, roots inula, sympitrum, fl. arnica, sambucus nigra, adding 0.5 l. of the hot water are one tbl.sp. mass, boil 5 minutes, infuse for 4 hours, closing, filter, use one every 2 hours, and not o the night.

3 tea.sp. clover herb meadow with a heads flowers,adding glass of the hot water, infuse for hour, close, filter, use on 1/4 glass before meal, for 4 times/day.

glass of the hot water is one tbsp. roots,stems of ledum palustre and infuse for 3 hours, filter, use on 4 ti,mes/day before meal on 1/4 glass.

two tea.sp. of bark ulmus in glass of the hot water, infuse for two hours, filter, use one tbl.sp. for 4 times/day before meal.

And rheumatoid heart damages and other heart diseases are having with fear,depression, and in stability mood, here are two recipes which helping are for nerves stability.
one tea.sp. of chopped roots,and leaves primula spring adding in half . thermos and adding hot water, infuse for 6 hours, cool,filter, use one tbl.sp. for 3 times/day.

one tbl.sp. mint piperine adding in glass of the hot water, cook ten minutes, filter, use on the half glass for two times/day.


chestnut art.

art is tea mushroom.

In all rheumatism forms and with heart damage are good adding vitamins course, and today theirs selections are much,

but a most useful are complivit, oligovit, alfavit, scheme for using check is on box, and add beer yeast supplement with mg, calium, with amber s acid.

Rheumocarditis diet is diet NR ten a, must of enough containing proteins are meat, fish,for 4 times/week eating, vitamins A, C, and limiting fats, carbohydrates, good are rice,  buckwheat, bean, soy, are meat analogizes, avoiding hard meat are lard, pork,sheep, adding light meat are veal, bird, and salt free cooking, if disease is hard, avoiding smoked,fried meal, stew cooking better, boiling.
And drink red dry wine one glass or dessert if you wish.

A good cure in all rheumatism forms is infusion of week is tea mushroom, use his 1/2 glass for 4 times/day before meal, as for cure and prevent  are good helper.

A good are exercises for you, but in hard heart disease adding bed Regine, if after heart will not worry, add exercises for a developing and training muscles hands, legs, not touching heart, are good for you walk, skies, bicycle, fitness, as importance doing for not over tiredness, you must enjoy theirs, and hard athletic, fight are avoiding, is very hard load on the heart.

Rheumatis is saves heart.

After arvd, or angina we are not worry,just they are easy diseases, but you are not right, they are very serious as rheumatism which damage heart and joints.
And reasons are angina, cold, and microbes with a long name as b hemolitic streptococcus, and very clever entering in tonsills and spreading till spreading inflammations, and organs here care of theirs, forming antibodies, but he is lever and living in organism not ability to care, and false antibodies bombing health, not enemies,and tissues,and on the medicine word is autoimmune reaction, leading to heart, dis balances organism and systems, therefore is better as earlier cure.Rheumatism symptomes display in 10 days after cold is leaving you, and you are feeling chill, sweating, joints hurting  as rheumatic polyarthritis, and aches displays or stopping,irradiating in other joints, and rheumatism getting on 4 y.old, and on the 40, but teenagers are in risks, and care also allergic.
Many patients thinking are joints hurting are weather changing, but these are just small process, when involving organs and symptoms are hide.
Heart also is in risk, damaging is heart muscle and inside membrane is pericarditis, and here are display myocarditis, rheumocarditis, but just enough is pericarditis is worsening your life, and if other organs are involving is very terrible process..
But here are first signs are hide,just rheumatologist can to recognize, but bad symptoms are faster display till aches behind breast, irradiating in left clavicle, rising in breath, move, turning a body, dyspnoe.
And for an earlier catching heart problems, organs  are weakness,heart aches,sweating, chill you must to do ECG, and echo ECG, but not an all bad feels in heart is rheumatism, but if they are happening after infection thus you need to attend, and these are true,that rheumatism lick joint , but bites a heart, and hard rheumocarditis, pericarditis leading to disability.
And rheumatism attack are lings till cough, dyspnoe with joints hurting, and very hard are kidneys involving till edema and hypertension, and somethimes he is bites and on cns till small chorea, and here are without control muscles shortening and non coordinately, and sometimes she display,like anxiety.
And also skin involves till rash, vessels and eyes.
And cure here is long, just doctor need to know,that cardialgia display in rheumatism, here are doing tests blood on the rheuma, and after doctor s selecting remedies in heart aches and for infection  fighting are antibiotics, glucocrticosteroids, are prednisolon, triamcinolon, voltaren, or indometacin, chinoline remedies, delagyl, plaquenil, and attention as cure are 4-6 months, if you are doing all doctor s advioces, thus disease will leave you.
A help for heart is acupressure and effect display in 1-3 months, and point massage repeats a few times/day, and heart points calling as triple heater, symmetrical is on the back small finger and non name finger, massage points are on the both hands, slightly pressing and turning finger on the clockwise.


Stretching machine.


Rack is at home.

A simple machine for the home physiotherapy you can self prepare, as of board on 50-250 cm, and his put on the stands as for the corner incline is 40  degrees having, as in the top part,where having armpits is add handles of around sticks on 25-30 cm, and diameter on 5-6 cm, as handles covering with a cotton, and fixing with a hard fabric, and this stretching bed is ready, and lie on his in acutings on one hours/day, for preventing are 15-20 minutes /day is on the morning. And before stretching ask in a doctor, these cure are having limits by age,  and vertebra kind.

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