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Mandalas are embroidered part two.

Sugar diabetes is about.

As diseases with sugar rising in blood, display sugar in urea, metabolism bad, vessels damages are angiopathies, nerves are neuropathies, and other ache changes in different tissues and organs.Diabetes are two types as first is on you age, second is in aging and adult, as first type are pancreas cells damaging, manufacturing hormone insulin, as leading his failure in organism, as here are entering for a whole life insulin, and in second type is high sugar level in the blood, as lowering tissues of organism  to insulin in enough his in the blood, but here risks are obesity, as abdominal type/ check label obesity/.
Symptoms are thirst, poliuria, rising daily urea, high glucose in the level as hyperglycemia, in fist type are thin weight, weakness, acetone mouth smell, poliuria til 9 l/night, in a non cure is diabetes coma leading to dead.
In second type are slowly symptoms displays with skin itch, pus pimples skin, dry mouth, thirst, rise weight, leading rare to coma.
As very hard complications in diabetes are latest  in first and second types are cataract, hemorrhage in eye retina, blindness, chronic kidney failure, gangrene for extremities, trophic ulcers, skin sensitiveness loosing, neuropaty are aches in the legs, impotence, atherosclerosis, hypertension, obesity are hardening fort complications.

As in these symptoms you are needing visiting a doctor, for metabolism carbohydrate testing, and on on a high sugar level on an empty stomach meaning in a whole blood till 6.1 mmol, and more 110 mg/dl, and more, in blood plasma on 7.0 mmol, and more as 126 mg/dl,and more, as right indexes for diabetes are rising level of glycine hemoglobin HbA1c till 6.2 percent and more, but a few cases are testing on the with loading glucose are glucose in the blood testing on an empty stomach, and after using 75 gr of glucose are every 30 minutes within two hours.

Cure are normalization for carbohydrate metabolism  so as his rising as hyperglycemia is an importance mechanism for diabetes complications, as correcting here with diet, herbs, carbohydrate remedies lowering, dosage loads, and insulin, as teaching patient, as patient is a base doing for medical advices.


Herbs are against erysipela.

FLOWERS mallow forest, are after dried as blue, or leaves as two tbl.sp. adding in two glasses of hot water, infuse two hours,filter, use for compresses.

as red fabric shred with chalk, and sprinkle with a camphor powder, apply to skin for a few hours, as in skin of face damage,fabric create of mask of fabric, are cutting holes for eyes, mouth, nose, as damaged  SIDES NOT WASHING, AS IN CHANGING BANDAGE EVERY TIME SPRINKLE WITH POWDER!

as silk piece of palm size cut with scissors, add honey, as divide mass are on three parts, as before a sun rising on the morning till a hour, apply this bandage, our use rolled gauze with mass, keep till a next morning, doing till recovering.

two tea.sp. of pink oil, three parts of oil lotus, 5 parts of warm goats or cow milk, cool,filter through thin fabric, apply compress to the redness skin.

Erysipela is about.

As infection diseases for skin damage, sub cutaneous cell, and lymphatic extremities systems, rare are face, body, and agent are b hemolitic streptococcus groups A, as sources of patients with infection this, and with bacterias, and contact transferring are of micro injuries,impetigo, as incubation stage are 5 days, in recidiving as attack rising of cooling over, injury,stress.
Symptoms are high temperature, headache,weakness, chill, muscle aches, skin is red with erythematodes sides over her top, with bladders as bullesis form, with bleed, acute symptoms keeping are 8 days, in bullosis till 12 days, and more, as to remainds are keeping within a few weeks, are pigmentation's, redness skin, hard cracks are on bladders, edemas.
As hard complications are trombophlebitis, lymphadenitis, abscess, flegmona, necrosis skin are early stages, but latest are stable lympostatis or lymphedema.
As patients always needing in hospitalization, where are helping with antibiotics selecting, cutting bladders, bandages after exudate removing apply with sol. rivanol or furacillin, changing theirs everyday, not hardening bandaging.
in erosions wetted are dry with manganese and bandages with sol. antiseptics, as in erythema forms are avoids ointments of birch tar, ichtyoilum, antibiotics.

Local sol. antiseptics are calium permanganate, ammonium peroxidum, rivanol, furacilin, chlorhexidinum.
Antibiotics are sumamed, macropen, ciprofloxatin, eritromicin.

Surgery methods are in rheumatism.

As in rheumatic heart defects as mitral aorthal stenosis, or failure are using surgeries methods as plastic for heart valves,as in out out of acuting rheumatic process or in non effectively anti bacterial therapy, hard changes for mitral apparatus heart, with calcinosis, fibrosis of valves , leading to progressing heart failure, echo cardiography signs for valves damages, but avoiding are in hard damages lungs, liver, kidneys, kidneys, in infection nidus in organism, are antritis, tonsillitis, cholecystitis, pyelonephritis, endometritis, caries, because of hard displays after surgery are infection endocarditis.

Mandalas are embroidered part one.
Are top images!!!! These are not copy, please comment here for asking to copy...

As in stable rheumatism remission.

As moving on the herbs with a less lists,are herb leonurus,, herb nettle, fl. chamomile, herb bidens tripartite, are same, 6 gr of chopped till a mass powder adding in 250 ml. of hot water, infuse in thermos for 4 hours, filter, use 1/4 glass on for 4 times/day, before meal.

fl. crataegus bloody red, herb filipendula ulmaria, herb hypericum perforatum, herb oregano, are same, as 8 gr powder adding in 350 ml. of hot water, boiling three minutes, infuse two hours in thermos, filter, use 1/4 glass for 4 times/day before meal.

fl. crataegus red bloody, leaves birch, herb yarrow, herb biug chelidonius are same, 8 gr powder cook same, and use.

herb nettle, leaves trefoil bucvkbean, roots archangrelica, fruits hibiscus cinnamon are same, as8 gr powder adding in 300 ml. of cold water, infuse for 4 hours, leading till boiling, infuse houir in warm place, filter, use on 1/4 glass for 4 times/day before meal.

Herbs in rheumatism on an active stage.

Fruits bloody crataegus, herb hypoericum perforatum, fl.chamomile, buds of pine, herb viola tricolor, herb horsetail field, herb bidens tripartite, are same, as 8 gr mass adding in 300 ml. of hot water,stewing warming on  15 minutes, infuse three hours in thermos, filter, use 1/3 glass for4 times/day before meal.

fl. crataegus red bloody, leaves alehoof, herb filipendula ulmaria, shoots ledum palustre, all herb of sand carex, fl.ashberry red, leaves cowberry are same, as 8 gr chopped mass till a powder adding in 300 ml. of cold water, infuse for 4 hours, lead till boiling, infuse in thermos hour, filter, use on 1/4 glass for 3 times/day before meal.

herb leonurus, leaves birch simple, herb meadow geranium, fl. chestnut horse, root licorice naked, fr. cinnamon hibiscus, bark willow white, herb hypericum perforatum, herb oregano are same, use 8 gr of powder and after cook,same, use ,like before.

 fl. crataegus red bloody, seeds shizandra china, herb lovage , herb ruta fragrant, leaves cowberry, root ononis thorn, pods kidney beans, leaves buckbean trefoil, herb bidens tripartite, herb viola tricolor, fr. anise,are same, use 8 gr of powder,and cook,use are same.

Fl. lilly of the valley, herb nettle, fl. tilia, root acorus calamus, herb calluna, herb hypericum perforatum, pine buds, leaves cowberry, fl. thorn onopordum, herb bidens tripartite, petals roses, herb horsetail field are same, 6 gr of powder chopped mass adding in 250ml. of hot water, infuse four hours in thermos, filter, use 1/4 glass for 4 times/day before meal.


Diet is in rheumatism

in acute stage as active at bed regime, use diet with a low energy value, are lowering fats, carbohydrates, as proteins not limiting, drink till one l of water, cooking as stewing, salt free, just for 4 gr as salting, if he avoiding from a salt free meal, as and in sweating.Ration is a rich of fruits, vegetables, fresh pressed juices, hibiscus drink, poly vitamins, moderating sparing and mechanic for a saving gastrointestinal, are fish, meat stewing, or boiling. As reloading days using on time in a week of apple, potato, dried fruits, salad, dried fruits, curd, kefir, milk curd, eating till 6 times/.day, but on small portions.
Avoiding are strong broths, rye pastry bread, salted,smoked, fats, whole milk, cabbage, cucumber, bean, grape juice, gas drinks.
After liquidations for acutes as in ten days in sub acute rheumatism, since are first days in weak inflammations, fever,feeling good,ration widening of curd, meat, eggs, sour milk with probiotics, are good softening structure microbe for bowel, as in a antibiotics used, SALTING IN MEAL ON 5 GR/DAY, and drink 1.2 l./day, as vitamins using , as of vitamin mineral complexes, calium, mg.
Are bad strong fats, broths, pastry, yeast, smoked,sausages, canned, marinades,sour, sauerkraut, spinach, sorrel, onion, mushroom, choko, caffeine, animal and culinary fats.
Anti inflammations are plaquenil, voltaren, delagyl.
Heart glycosides as like in heart failure post, and improving heart metabolism are crataegus flowers drops, instenon, mildronat, dilasidom, pumpan, tonginal, phytorelax, taurin, preductal.

Calium and mg are aspartame, magnerot, panangin.

Rheumatism is about.

As acute rheumatic fever, is system inflammation diseases of connective tissue with damage for heart, causing of b hemolitic streptococcus groups b, as in genetically predisposition persons,with an acute begin and chronic course with an acutes and remissions stages.Rheumatism display in infection allergy processes and damages heart, vessels, by an autoimmune aggression is self damaging of protein components for an own heart tissues, joints, like a care reaction against streptococcus, and organism is pathological. As rheumatism attacks for children, after endured angina in three weeks, in a repeat attacks this date is less, as in a few as first rheumatism display in two days after cooling, not tied with infection, as acutes happening after injuries, loads physic.
Symptoms are acute aches in a few joints as poly arthritis, as rising in mobility,and edemas with around joints, as symmetric theirs damages are knee, ray wrist, shin, elbow, high temperature till 40C, sweating, all joints without curing are damages leaving you in 4 weeks, as on a calming process heart and nerves involving, as myocarditis rheumatic has weak non clear aches in heart, dyspnoe in loads, in the childrens are dyspnoe on calm, heart aches,tachicarditi, blue pale skin colour, swelling neck veins, hypotonia.
endocarditis rheumatic are non symptomatic having without a bad feels, keeping work ability, just hemodimacis disordered in heart defect are asking in a doctor in dyspnoe, heart aches, fatigue fast.
nerves damages are small chorea in a children's meeting with emotional lability and with muscle hypotonia, like you are crimped, but she ending with recidives, but to 18 years she ending.
Are hard complications of rheumatism on an early stages are acute heart failure, on latest dates are chronic heart failure, heart for valves defects, arrhythmia's.

As in rheumatism you are needing hospitalizing with bed regime, for three weeks and diet, where are taking antibiotics, as on recidiving dates are anti inflammations, in complications are heart defect, heart failure, arrhythmia's are heart glycosides, are improving metabolism myocard, diuretics, as by yiur tests.

Mandalas are roses.

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