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And remedies of these months are Sinupret
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These are very good against cold, aches, and tensions. Sinupret am using on a cold symptoms as 50 drops on an every 3 hours till 4 times/day, am felt better as stopped hurt my throat and nasal opening is on the second day, am keeping using his within 5 days.
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Patients were tested his.

Radiculitis is very spreading damage, and happening in pathology of nerve system, in ishiasis as waist sacrum radiculitis ache is spreading on a sciatic nerve are buttock, hip back part, shin, heel, and feeling with leg coolness, crapping murmurs, and in neck waist ache are in occiput, shoulder, shoulder blade, as in cough,head turn, in breast radiculitis  are in hypochondrium space, that not in cardiovascular dystonia.
I know are 40 recipes for radiculitis curing, but a few are hope and effectively, these are 7 were tested.

Peasant  method with dough, as of rye flour cook pastry, without yeasts, as of fermenting, as when dough is sour, take clean,layed on  four a gauze, apply mass on two cm, apply to waist, cure this for night, as you can in dough adding 30 drop;s of turpentine.

Roma s method with clay, as red clay cleaned, adding water, warming, mixing till sticky mass, ad after on one kg of clay is 0.5 glass of turpentine, as aviation, and mixing, form not hot cookie on two cm, as a size of ache side and apply, warming, keeping till cookie cooling, as keep of burns, and course are 5 procedures everyday.

Hunter s method, as in jar with a vinegar essence adding fresh egg, infuse for three days, in peeling diluting, and egg will be look,like boiled, clean of film, rub in one mass,adding two tbl.sp. of sunflower oil, mixing, mass keeping in closing lid, shake before use, and for night rub aches,warming after.

Driver s method as with a rubber s clay, am watched this method,when drives cured of this method, as greased on paper sheet a rubber s clay, closed with other sheet, and applied to ache, keeping till a feeling bad, as in test you can manufacturing an optimal clay mass and application time, that burns prevent.

Forester s method with amanitas using, as chopped mushroom and adding fromage on half, till ointment,like mixing, apply her in gauze pads on ache for night.

Caucasian method.
two pods of red peppers burned, adding in glass of ammonia spirit, shaking everyday infuse for two weeks dark into, cool, filter, rub in aches for night.

Gardener s method. To mince meat fresh radish root, ache side grease with sunflower oil, apply gauze layer, and on his a mass of root, keep till a bad feeling, preventing burns! And these methods are good using in rheumatism, polyarthritis.
Kosterov, herbalist, M.D.

Mandala is Amanita.

To see in the ginger root.

As from a time to time add to the remedies are herbs, are for blood diluting, as in thermos adding two tbl.sp. chopped fl. chestnut in 0.5 l. of the hot water, infuse night, use within a few times/day is dally dose.

Mellilotus herb is poison herb, but add in other herbs to wormood, filipendula, arnica mountain, as one tbl.sp. mass in glass of the hot water in thermos adding, infuse night, filter, use on 1/4 glass for 4 times/day before meal.

Course for infusion uses is month.

And do not forget about ginger, he also diluting blood, and cholesterol plaques, and benefit is drink of fresh root, as clean his on 5 cm, chop, add one l. of water, add pinch of cinnamon young, one tea.sp. of green tea, boil ten minutes, cool, add one tea.sp, of honey, and three lemons pieces, drink this aroma, useful tea,like usually.
Limiting drinking a strong alchokol, stop smoking, add in meal products with vitamin K, are petroselinum, green salad, onion, white cabbage, cauliflower, carrot, prunes, grape, coriander, as add diet in high glucose and cholesterol, not add salted meal, fat, eat low calorie meal, less drink caffeine, better drink glass of red wine, as more walk, add healthy life mode, calm steps by, and do nut run.

A best control for pressure is daily monitoring, at stacionarum thi is procedure doing,at home he getting is very harder here.

And computer test doing in risks factors, and by feelings, and strokes preventing you are constant taking anticoagulants, if diagnosed is pre heart fibrillation, but not a many patients do not knew this, and a few doctors prescribing just course therapy.
They are affecting on the blood coagulation, support her course, kind, preventing thrombosis, and they are pradax, varfarine, xarelto. As in a curing theirs regular checking blood coagulation, as using remedies just on the dosages by doctor s prescribed, do not change self theirs.
And in fibrillation  arrhythmia they are low risk on 80 percent.


Which speech of the mute.

As last years are next technology sharing with us for a deeply looking in brain, as his hide corners by MRT, CRT, and doctors found are small vessel niduses, as clinical not symptomatic strokes, neurologist shares about mute, and are they very angry?
If we are investigating patient with damages of brain blood circulation, we are see a small niduses vessel with a spine brain liquid , they are lacunae, post stroke cysts in a white sub cortex substance having, in hide brain sides,and not high activity in brain zones, and display theirs is faster compensating, and patient nothing feeling in health, but these new methods are recognizing theirs, as of special regime, as to find are small post stroke cysts and small haemorrhage's.

This pathology diagnosing in hypertension, when a walls of small vessels are supply for brain parts as thickening,loosing elastness or vessel embolia , so are conditions displays for the post stroke cysts, and here is risk of label hypertension, as rising faster and lowering, but in test we are fixing growing for small niduses,when patient not regular controls for pressure.
And mute strokes displays depending of heart condition, in arrhythmia display, as fibrillation's pre hearts, is very spreading heart rhythm disordering, as this pathology is for condition on thrombosis display, as emboilas pieces are covering big and small vessels. And these are very angry till are hard results, as in many such niduses,patient suffering of cognitive disorders for brain with bad memory, multiples attention, long thinking over simple question, as read a book and forgot,as and watched movie and forgot about this, as these are simple disorders,patients are keeping working, as feeling discomfort in speech, life, but these functions are progressing, and small niduses are unfavourable in organism, and risk for big and middle stroke.

If test found this,you need to prevent this or preventing curing, as low pressure, control for pressure, check his, as normal pressure till 110/80 and 140/90, but therapists today thinking about a first is normal, but not in adults with plaques,stenosis, but for every is individuality. Check pressure for 2 times/day, after morning WC and after evening work, and to hypertensive remedies taking, and meal before, but a few salted, marinade, spicy, hot dishes, drinks are rising pressure,as after smoking, caffeine cup also, but here checking his in half hours, repeat checking in 5 minutes. As at cold room are vessels spasms happening, and pressure rising, thus at room temperature must to be a comfort.And write in diary all stats for pressure checking, and add an own feelings, and rate this from 1 to 5, and add effects of weather storm, and this diary will help for your doctor to correct a cure, timely attending on the changes are on your life mode,which you can to forget.

A planet for happy!

Mandalas are turkey doodles.

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