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Lenses selecting.

As today lenses are for glasses making of plastic and glass, as plastic is easy, as less on two time, than in glass, they are less injury, as his pieces,than glasses, they are dye for lenses, but in glass are high effect of refraction, and very hard,but not in hit force, as therefore glass lenses in same dioptriums is more thinner and flat, than in plastic.
As theirs covering attention on, as modern are optimal quality for a vision correction, as later in carry of these glasses are qualities for lenses are worsening, as scratches displays, as scratches, as light spreading,causes a strong discomfort, theirs are having after a hard rubbing materials for glasses, or lenses are down in a put on the table, therefore a better selecting for the many functional covering, with a hard, many layers transparent, and cover against rays, and absorbing short wave side of visible spectrum, he rises contrast for image, as has a super hydrophobic layer and protects against elector magnet rays.

Lenses with anti reflex covering improving as optic quality for lenses glasses, as on ten percent rises transparent, as for a calculation a high transparent and absence for visual mistakes and lenses are more comfort becoming for eyes with less tiredness in loading vision, as on the dark time lenses with anti reflex are allow to see better for drivers.


Select glasses right.

Many peoples glasses are using of relatives, friends, buy in small markets, orienting on an own feels in reading, but after wondering why as after feeling headaches, tired eyes, redness, yes,if you are visiting oculist he will answer you about this as about right selected glasses, lenses, or frame.
And yes in a glasses buy you are attending on the frame, not for the lenses are selecting, and many of us think,that glasses are not medicine, just fashion, glamour, but importance in glasses are lenses,they are correcting all anomalies for eyes refractions, which is broken, ass therefore buy lenses, glasses in special shops, or in oculists in optometrist, as he defines your correction, and which lenses as glass or plastic would match you.


Glasses creating.

Are first stats for glasses creating is on 1289, but pictures painted on the bibel  themes,that ravins, chirch  fathers are weared glasses, but on this time they are not poppular, books are poors, writers, used just educated persons, rich, they are used just for status,rich, but glasses need are raised,when books are sold, read, when Leonardo Da Vinchi on 1452-1519 just tried explained , how we are to see, and taled about vision improved, as myopia, and hyperopia he adviced corrected with artifical lenses are glasses, as his manuscript Leonardo, As atlantic codex of 1119 pags with are notes and drawings are on the different themes about aerodinamic, music, shooting, mathematic, botanic, and enlarged glaasasses and lensesd.And first used glasses in myopia is an image of Ljev 9 ,which had myopia.. As a needing for correction vision had been raised, and glasses on 13 century are popular,  and sold in many countries, spread faster on Europe and West, as later formed optic supports,, as of metalic arcs on the centre, and glasses formed a comfortable forms, as today are anomalies correctioin for refraction and image element and style.As glasses formed is life s activity improved, as modern types,forms are correcting any vision failure.

Cure and correction for refraction anomalies.

A first method for a such corrections had been used are lenses,after glasses,as a first study about optic had been created Evklid, lived in third century till on  century in Alexandria ,after his researches was created Ptolemei Klavdi approximately are 90-160,which created a right measures for a corners refractions. As 1000 years ago after Ptolomeja a book created About an optic by Ibn Al Haitami, or Alhacena on 956-1938 which became a very success step to the future in this sphere, as his stats, that segment for the glass ball rises an item, which and added a base for a creation in future are glasses.
A first tries for the compensation are failure for vision in refraction pathology are stones transparent, and later are enlarged glasses, but a story about emerald by imperative Neuron, lived on first century till our century, as he watched on gladiators fights through peels emeralds, maybe they are used for a glasses imagination, as he used stones for a vision correction. But glasses stories are entered in the deep old story, today her is nobody talks, but on 1280 years a glass piece of frozen  for the worker had been interested as in hand he saw,that he can to enlarge items, as for improved vision, here and fixed documentary for imagination are glasses, but are first glasses found on 1284 year's by Salvino D Armate, lived on a modern Italy territory, but this evidence are not found in historic documents.


Presbyopia is aging weak vision.

As to the 40-45 years we are finding,that in normal refraction,that reading, doing small work is on a near distance from eyes is harder, we are move far small items and books, this happening in a weak accommodations, as in aging as organism and eyes is humidity loosing, less elastic for tissues, lens hardening, weak muscles working, and lens blurring not changing till a focusing on the near item, as this aging vision weak calling presbyopia, just not curing, but correcting with eyes, as prevents are exercises, vitamins and minerals, rational balanced meal, as this is not alarm disease ,as aging disease.

Do you have astigmatism?Check these are tests nr 3 and 4.

test NR 3.As put an image on a distance as 35-45 cm, close one eye, mark how you are lines to see, as in astigmatism as few lines are seems as clear, and black, and other are blurry, and less dark, as same check and other eye.
test NR 4.
This image you can to print, cut, put his on the 45 cm in distance, research every eye individually, if a few images are seem,like lighter, blurry, Than  other, thus you are having astigmatism.


As in nature is nor real to find an ideal sphere surface, as and for eyes, as his cornea, as if on special apparatus to check his refraction force as and refraction would be on a different meridians is different, as not wonder,that checking refraction you can to find in one eye are combing a different levels of myopia or hypermetropia on different meridians, as and myopia and hyperopia refraction, as these changes in refractions are calling astigmatism, as and depending from the cornea curvature are having myopic, hypermetropic, and mixed forms of astigmatism, as his level and different of anomaly refraction is small, but eyes to see good, and without correction, as ophthalmologist here talking,as changes in a limits for physical norm, as to check astigmatism, as on the small level, you can with a next tests, but in astigmatism a vision to focus on object is a not correct cornea form, as in results are rays penetrating through such cornea are focusing in a few points, but eye perception image as not clear and not blurred, but incorrectly astigmatism also meeting,when a cornea curvature is not same as In the individual axis, as in inborn incorrect form, as after injuries and hard inflammations corneas happening, this is a hard correction form for diseases, as astigmatism do you have or not check with these tests nr 3 and 4.



Is a next refraction disordering, as display with a weak refraction force of optic system is focus projects behind retina, as this anomaly calls hypermetropia  or hyperopia, as image view on retina, like in myopia as not clear, as not true,that patients to see far is good, as here is not clear vision, just young patients with the weak or middle myopia are not often having problems with vision,so as theirs natural lens with ciliar muscle adapting to the optic eye force, as with age accommodation lowering, and patient having worsening vision to the near and far.Hyperopia of high and middle level as plus 30 and higher dioptrium as needing correction since childhood, as without her as eyes loading high leading to stabismus, ambliopia, vision tiredness, headaches, eyelids inflammations, conjuctivitis.

From top till down,as normal vision, myopia, and hyperopia with correction and without..