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Of archangelica officinalis.

As infusion of roots are rising urination, cholagogue, secretion for stomach an pancreatic gland, suppressing fermentation in the bowel, and doctors advising his in meteorism, stomach disorders,and bowel, meteorism, dyskinesia of gall ways, and using in laryngitis, bronchitis, diuretic for and sudorific.
Roots preparing are on September -October as first years of life, and from April as a second year using from earth, shake, cut are down parts, wash in cold water and cut for across,as dry is on the open air in dark, in good ventilated place or in oven at 35-40C, and of roots cooking infusions as of three tbl.sp. dried and chopped roots adding in glass of the hot water, close a lid, warm as mixing is on the boiling bath for 30 minutes, cool at room for ten minutes, filter,squeeze, and add boiling water till a full glass.Use warm on 1/2 glass for 3 times/day after meal.
As meeting his are on the lakes shore, and on the meadows.

Paint as archangelica officinalis.

Doctor answered for the readers..

Does cataract cure is without a surgery?
As tests on the animals scientists searching are conservative methods for the cataract cure, but today is most effectively just a surgery cure.

Does it true that my teenager girl is on menses time need to wash with manganese a water?
Not, just use a warm water with a soap.

My teenager son has an urination in the bed,which doctor would help him.
In neurologist, as this process as urination indisposition on teenager is a problem from neurotic disorders.

Am heard,that drug store selling herbs are nerves calming.
As in sedative or calming herbs enter are leaves of mint piperine 2 parts, leafs trefoil water 2 parts, roots of valeriana part, cones of humulus part, and of these herbs are cooking infusion, and which using is on half glass for 3 times/day.

What are benefit effects of turpentine?

Turpentine getting of a raisin are fir, pine, as coniferous tress, as of water free and mixtures  as of here getting multi component mixture of turpentine carbohydrates ,which are using for the turpentine cooking, canifoil and varnish.
As turpentine is not transparent liquid with a strong smell, like of coniferous,and not diluting in water, but dilute in organic solvents, as easy acidity on the air, and keeping his closing in dark bottles glads of or jars,against sun or light. And of turpentine getting much substances are using in medicine as terpinehydrate as expectorant remedy, camphor is stimulant for breath and heart activity. And turpentine goes for a cooking a fragrant substances ,as imitating a smell of rose, tilia, lilly of the valley, viola and with success changing essential oils of these herbs,re using in perfumery.
As entering on the skin he causing redness, burning,as analgesic, antiseptic, and of this effects are based his use in medicine, and he entering in structure of ointments,which rubbing in arthritis, arthrosis, neuralgia, muscle ache, lumbago, and rubbing an ointment with turpentine and wrapping with are prescribing on begin stages of top breath diseases, and for inhalants as expectorant.
And care use turpentine and by a doctor s advice, as affecting for the long time is o the skin he causing bladders forming, and on the central nerve system he affects,as excitation, and in external use and breathe in his steams are display dyspnoe, insomnia, wordiness.

Descriptions are about exercises in breast radiculitis.

1.Lie is on the spine as on the floor, carpet, one wrist is on the belly, other is on the breast as for the control of the moving a breast cell.Deeply breathe in, straighten a breast cell and feeling for muscles loading ,as on breathe in to relax, repeat are 6 times/picture 1.
2.Lie is on the spine, stretched legs, bend legs in the knees and catch with hands,stretch to the belly, rise head,and with forehead touch a knees,repeat are 5 times/picture 2/.
3.Lie is on the spine with bending in knee are legs, hands are in sides, turning with body alternately to the right and left, repeat are 6 times in every side/picture 3/.
4.Stay between are two chairs and keeping for theirs spines with hands, legs are together,and rising on the toes,are turning moves doing with pelvis in one and in other side, repeat are 5 times in every side/picture 4/.
5.Lie is on the spine with bending in knees are legs, hands,stretched up, keep for the bed edge or bed s spine, and slowly rise legs, and pelvis is more higher and near to the head, repeat are 5 times, picture 5.
6.Lie is on the belly, hands are for body along, and support on the legs, belly and low part of breast cell, try to rise head and shoulders,repeat are 5 times.


Complex of exercises are in breast radiculitis.

From the left

A healthy intervertebral disk and in right is with hernia disk in osteochindrosis.

What is breast radiculitis?

As an importance display of this disease is ache, as in back sides of breast cell, spreading on intercostal spaces,where are passing intercostal nerves, and therefore breast radiculitis calls and intercostal neuralgia. And on an rarely stages here are high skin sensitiveness and in cloth touching, sheet are bad feelings, as attack is acute or often and rising in cough, sneezing, turning body faster, and on the physical work.
But breast in aches and in intercostal nerves are characterizing in pleuritis, lungs inflammations, heart diseases, pleuritis, infarctus myocarditis. Therefore if hurt in breast cell do not self diagnosis to put, and do not try to remove ache with a pepper s plaster or analgetics,visit a doctor. And hard risks are results of a self cure! Why is hurt in breast radicuitis?And a reason is hear osteochondrosis of breast side of vertebra, and here are happening degenerative changes in inter vertebral disks are cartilages are between vertebra's having, they are playing a role ,like amortizators, and on begin suffers a central side of disk as gelatinous nucleus and a surrounding his fibrosis ring. And through cracks are displaying in the fibrosis ring, as parts of gelatinous nucleus as protrusion and forming are disks hernias. And if these protrusions in the breast side of vertebra are squeezing for nerve roots as going from a spine brain and display ids acute ache as for a breast radiculitis characterizing. And osteochondrosis of breast side a spine display in a patients working as on half bending positions, who having a hard physical work, who is often affecting with concussion, as in drivers, sieves, builders, and over cooling. And cure is individual, and a few are help ointments of poisons bees and snakes, but they are avoiding in sugar diabetes, liver diseases and pregnancy. But specialists advising and exercises are preventing acutings for the breast radiculitis, and theirs doing in out of acuting of breast radiculitis, without ache, and for the morning and evening and in the morning entering in a complex of the morning exercise,and exercises doing slowly, so as faster turns, inclines, bending are rising aches.

A most different reasons are explaining and changing for nails colours as dischromia.

And this is happening in a different skin diseases and in nail near.Colours of nails changing and in sugar diabetes, Addison s disease, pregnancy, after hard surgery, in changing of containing micro elements in blood as iron especially. And in cardiovascular diseases, blood disease nails are blue shadow. And in liver disease they are yellow, and take attention, visit a doctor. And white strips or white spots on the nails are leuconichia are not worry you are, and nails are dye after a local injuries, and manicure bad done.
And changing in sizes and forms are nails are also having in a few diseases,and in chronic pneumonia, emphysema, broncho ectasis are nails forming,like a clock s glass,are thickening and rounding are phalanges ends of fingers as drum s sticks, and central part of nail is bending.
And changing nails are in in damages of periphery nerves and a few nerve diseases, and here are changing sizes as microonisia, as theirs thickness changes, relieves, form and colour of nail s plast.
And very spreading are diseases of nails in a big fingers as ingrown and curve, if and ingrown hail are bad cutting are nails on the legs, as needing cutting on the straight line, and a reason for onichogriphosis are legs deformations, injuries and inflammations of nail s box, vessel diseases of legs.

Nails damages are..

1. Leuconihia.
2.groove Bro
4.clock s glass.

Somethimes to look in the mirror you think about,that you are not healthy.

As for one is worry a paleness face, or not natural redness, or blue lips shadows, yellow skin, or eyes whites, but a kinds of eyes are rare tied with bad health, as of bad forms, colour,thickness of nails are not attention on this, but they are directing on the pathological processes as happening in organism.
And to share this,am sharing with your about a nails structures. As nail is horny plast, which lies is on the nail box, and grows of nail s root, and root of nail finding under roll, and in the root of nail lie a many blood vessels and nerve ends, and therefore nails are very sensitiveness, except of free edge,which not tied with box, and can to cut without an ache. And in healthy person nails are pink, shine, smooth, and matching for the finger form, and on the big and direction fingers are having whitish half moon forms are nail s hole, and in adults in the nail plast are display a top longitudinal furrows and strips. Normal thick of nail is 0.3 mm, width from 10 to 17 mm, length are 10-15 mm, but are cases found,that nail growed in length are 40-45 cm.
Nail grows in speed on 0.1 mm/day, and a full restoring from the root to the free edge are within 170 days.And in young are nails growing faster,than in adults, and in males are faster,that in women's, and on summer is faster,than on winter, and in skin diseases are neurodermitis, psoriasis are delay nail grow, and slowly growing they are in diseases of inside organs, and a few are having with a pathological changes of nails. And to find a reason here is not simple, as damages of nails in diseases of inside organs and skin are not different, that of nails diseases.And for example is nail s detachment,splitting his on the plasts, and forming on her are arcuate lines are grooves bro or points are having in infections inflammations evidencing or in results of poisoning arsenic,mercury, hypoavitaminosis, and damage of functions a glands of inside secretions, but these signs are characterizing and for a skin disease as psoriasis, in which is on nail plast are display as point dimples, as thimble symptom, and nail is here delamination from an own box, and fallen out, and with root grows a new nail.

And in patient with psoriasis and eczema are changing slowly colours for nails, they are loosing shyness, thicken, hardening, and strong keratinization , and thickening of nail are having in fungus diseases.And on begin as free edge or in corners of nail plast from a side of nail s box are display yellow small, brown, or grey points, and after slowly a nail thickening, crumbles, and in his forming niche, and surface of nail loosing a shines, deforming, and rough.
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