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A first spring remedy.

After a cold winter we are enjoy and energy when leaving at home for the walk in forests,parks, smell in spring, and to prepare first coltsfoot  flowers, as she is a first say hello to us, for a benefit effects are tannins, healing, disinfecting, inulin, therefore you can cure laryngitis, cough, tonsillitis, adhesion's inflammations, as in cold, cough use leaves dried one tbl.sp. chopped, adding glass of the hot water, infuse for the half hours, use one tbl.sp. for 5 times/day,before meal.

Adhesion's inflammations of mixed leaves coltsfoot, melilotus yellow leaves are one tbl.sp. mass adding in glass of the hot water, keep on fire two minutes, infuse hour,filter, use three tbl.sp. for 5 times/day, for three weeks.

As in trophic ulcers apply are fresh leaves or sprinkle powder of fresh chopped leaves.

Chammomile are for you eyes.

When am wetted legs, am getting many problems are throat aches,stye, sneezing, am interesting what are plants offering.
Yes,an all in organism tied, as in often styes,herbalists advised doing vitaminization,and strengthening whole organism, but if stye affected, use chamomile, ass she disinfects,and lows irritation, as lotions are faster oily glands fighting with pus, as in cup adding two tbl.sp. flowers,adding one tbl.sp. of the hot water, infuse for ten minutes, mass getting apply on pads and hot apply to stye, as this faster recovering stye, aches stopping.

Mandalas are lamiaceae.

When leaves are same, she looks,like nettle, but not burns, and has are white flowers is Lamium album.

Growing in all Europe,gardens, like weeds, Far west, many of micro elements, vitamins, are forming gall, rising gall secretion, metabolism, digestion, cleans skin, restore liver cells, calming you as in insomnia, arrhythmia's.
As in allergy using one tbl.sp. leaves and flowers in 0.5 l. of the hot water, infuse for 2 hours, use are adults on 1/4 glass for 4 times/day, children's are till 12 y.old one tbl.sp. for 4 times/day.

Avoiding in a high blood coagulation.

If stomach does not work.

Am felt aches belly in, doctor done test,and found as gastritis with a low acidity, as after meal felt am swallowed brick like, taste bad in mouth, swelling belly, icterus, so am manufactured this cure program, as she helped me within two months.
Am changed meal regime,eaten for 6 times/day are small portions, am not over loaded stomach, last eaten on 20.00, as an importance give rest for him are  matches.

Ration changes, for a more stomach juice secretion display, added sour milk, green apples, weak salted fish, fresh berries, fruit squeezed juices, baked meal, milk, fats am limited, they are lowering secretion.

Am used bath of mint, added  300 gr of dried mint infused in 5 l. of hot water for 2 hours, warm bath taken for 15 minutes,in a day, are ten times, calms nerve she is, low spasms.

Used mineral water as by room s temperature as glass before breakfast, dinner, and lunch, in low acidity are good chloride and chloride sulphate waters, am used are 20 day course,rest on month, repeated.

As between rest of the courses are mineral waters, am drunk hibiscus, as two tbl.sp. dried mass added in glass of the hot water, used for 30 minutes, used for glass before breakfast, and for night.

As light loads are stimulating juice, am walked more,washed floor without a stick, danced,are turned in a good music, as blood circulation for stomach of one,two,three am breathe in and blow belly, till 4-8 and out breath and indraft belly, repeating are three times, regular doing for two times/day, so today am feeling better.


Now am in squat.

Am cure arthritis with pills, ointments, latest summer is rainy, but in my garden work is big, as disease acuted often, but your pres helped me, am used plants and fought knee aches.
As tested remedy of roots dandelion am used one tbl.sp. in glass of water, boiled ten minutes, infused for half hour, filtered, used three tbl.sp. for three times/day before meal.

Am knew about are black currant leaves effects, as stewed in bath are 20 minutes ten leaves, added in glass of the hot water, used 1/3 glass for 3 times/day before meal.

Calmed ache,and inflammation lowed are cabbage compresses,as fresh leaf cuted, stewed, cooled,greased with honey, applied to an aches, covered with a packed, warmed, kept for night.

Are fir baths helped also, added ten l. of water hot  in 5 twigs of fresh fir, infused till cooled, added in bath, in ten l. of warm water, sat till waist, for 20 minutes,wrapped,warmed and go in bed, repeated are every two days till 7 times.

After inflammation, am added prevents, as stayed on carpet and walked on the knees, am used are 400 steps/day, but begun on 30, loads raised slowly, as these methods thanks arthritis not worries me.

About a care for patient after injury.

As in bandage if leg, put a pillows are three under theirs, if edemas are fingers,cold,sensitives lost, thus blood circulation is poor, thus visit doctor, as call a doctor not wait.
As for adults are avoiding bed sores, check for spine, buttocks skin, in red apply baby s cream, oily,as of camphor spirit, as turn his from a side to side till he ability to sit, as an other problem are pneumonia's stable in bad breathe, therefore are 5 times/Day doing  deep breathes in, and out for 5 minutes, and same are balls blow, as keep a good mood, hope, and these are success in a cure.

As to prevent injury.
Flat shoes are, not with a high toe, as with ribber heel, as fix a rough rubber, as wear comfortable shoes, are preventing freezing, right walk, as slowly sliding, as better a slowly and late ,that to keep after bandage, as leave are strong ice places, wear and care items are on knees,head,shoulders, elbows in winter sport, as in a feeling falling out try to group, squat, fall on the side, do not down on the straightened legs, and freezing you can avoiding as wearing right and thinking your rout, as do not drink alchokol before long stay on air.

Winter injuries.

On the winter are very rising injuries as light and hard, can we save, and fast restore?As on a questions for cure new answers manager Terra Medic press Popov.
Which reasons are winter injuries?
As many reasons of winter epidemic,where are bad cleaning from the snow, ice, are stressed, as we are faster walking for business day, work, our shoes are sliding, we are not buy a special covering for shoes, we are catching after rains are these injuries, as in freezing, drunk, chilled,aging, when and adults leaving home for the Church or town,are getting neck hip fractures, as and hard of car injuries rising.

Which peculiarities are having.
Are fractures extremities, as we are falling we are keeping balance for hand to the front showing and she braking of your weight, as leg showing,like preventing falling,as braking in the shin, as leading to a long oblique spiral fracture, with transferring pieces are needing long curing on a skeleton stretching or surgery, as adults braking are waist vertebra's and neck of the hip bone.

As other are ray bones fractures in ray wrist, ankles, clavicles, shoulders injuries, bones of the shin, knee, scull brain , and very hard are cold injuries,as chill of strong over freezing and freezing.

A which for first aid is.
As depending from an injury, not shake for hand, or leg, as for repositing, its can to be a fracture, as with belt, scarf to fix hand or leg to the board, umbrella or stick, as so call a doctor.In injury are needing lowering edema, hemorrhage, ache, as apply fixing bandage and cool with ice, wetted spirit gauze, as for the hand calm hang her with headscarf, as joint fixing of the eight formed bandage, tire.As in freezes avoiding rubbing with snow, hot water, shower,bath, warming is slowly, as in entering warm room, wrap a frozen  hand with scarf, for a preventing faster temperature rising, if not a strong frozen  as slightly rub this side of a cleaned woolen fabric, and give a hot tea drink.

How spices are effecting.

Am heard,that for slimming are needing adding in meal as pepper, mustard, and other burns.
Yes a few spices are affecting on slimming, as portion of one burned meal will rise metabolism on 25 percent, as organism burning calories is more on 25 percent, as effect display are 3 hours. As burns rising adrenalin in blood entering, as you heart is beating, high body temperature,thus and energy loosing, but do not faster add spices, as therefore theirs avoiding in gastritis, ulcers, liver, heart, pregnancy, feeding, as in addicting are throat irritating, gullet, stomach, leading to theirs damaging , hypertension, insomnia.

An early diabetes diagnosis.

When am done blood test, that my sugar on a top level border, as therapist advised me to visit for glucose tolerance test, why does she advised me.
As such test calling a sugar curve, as helping in an early diagnosis diabetes, as in 5.77 mmol gluces on an emptiness, as in risk for the hide form, as in group of risk, in a family, as in hypertension you are, obesity, has a big baby born, as therefore test you are not smoking,drinking alchokol, thus you will getting test for glucose,after giving a drink glass of warm water in diluting 75 mg of glucose, as after for 2 hours you are sitting calm, as not over cooling, smoking, not physic work doing, in a two hours again doing test, as for this time glucose lowering till a first ,like on an emptiness, if higher, thus hide diabetes is having, and doctor will advise for a future tests.

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