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Strengthening bone tissue.

Aging in are in insufficient hormones your bones are fragility and any loads leading to fractures.And am heard,that a few plants are helping for adults and having estrogen's. She is lucerne, as with vitamin D she strengthening bone tissue.
As feed your cartilage tissue with two tbl.sp. of dried and chopped leaves of lucerne, adding two glasses of the hot water, infuse on 20 minutes,filter, use on 1/3 glass for 4 times/day, as before meal.

Rise hemoglobine.

Am sure in anemia are feeling tiredness,skin paleness, that structure blood depends from our organism s quality.Patients having flies before eyes, dyspnoe. As take a herb as trigonella, as with micro elements,are stimulating blood creation, and form,s of blood cells.
as seeds his to grind, adding two tbl.sp. powder in one tea.sp. of black caraway grinded, adding 200 gr of honey, mixing, using one tea.sp. for 3 times/day after meal.

Very poor knowledge, but very benefit.

As many readers are not met with a herb calling falacaria, , growing are near to roads and along roads, meadows, forests, but my grandma talked,that she used his, written recipes, am used her recipes and keeping writing also, therefore he is antiseptic her, analgesic, as in boil, wound use two tbl.sp. of dried leaves adding in two tbl.sp. of the hot water, cool, mass apply on wound as cooled,close a hard fabric, plaster fixing.

ache waist or spine use her ointment are two tbl.sp. of dried leaves in 50 gr of butter oil, ,mixing good, cold infuse for week, as after use.

Oh my poor heart.

As am happy,that herbs helping me in tachycardia's,when hits are 90 /minutes, when heart is fast exhausting in this rhythm, as therefore with tachycardia's needing fighting.Recipes are many, am using,that helped me is inula roots of white wine, as am rare using pills, she rare reminds to me, as chopped dried roots adding in pot are two tbl.sp. in 0.5 l. of wine, lead till boiling, cook on weak fire, till a not strong boiling, for ten minutes, cool,filter in botttle.
use on 50 ml. for 3 times/day, are for 3 weeks, rest for ten days, repeat course, cure just asking before a doctor.

Diabetes helper.

As any of has has a favourite flower, but am enjoy for alehoof , she is benefit in sugar diabetes regular use her, as substances in her regulating sugar level in blood, strengthening diabetic immunity.
three tbl.sp. of her adding in pot, add two glasses of the hot water, infuse closed into, under lid are for 4 hours, use on 1/2 glass before meal for 4 times/day, are for two weeks, if needing more,thus add rest for week, repeat.

Saved me is Artiplex.

As she always helped me, as my family eaten her on the hard years on the war, as shoots young are proteins rich having, vitamins, minerals, my grandma cooked of her seeds are cakes, young herb used for soups, she fighting aches joints and in polyarthritis is true help. four tbl.sp. of chopped leaves adding in two glasses of the hot water, cook for 15 minutes, filtering, lead till a first with a hot water, use one tbl.sp. for 3 times/day before meal, and apply compresses on an aches of stewed leaves.

A miracle balls are against cough.

As in damage twig in a pine raisin secretions, as she cured trees wounds, am preparing her on winter, as helping me in dry cough, this cough exhausted me, am very tired,am adding to this and plantain, which having flavonoids, pectin's, saponins, as together they are power effect having on breath, as am using a piece of raisin warm, add o plate ad powder of chopped dried plantain leaves, as one tbl.sp. of raisin in one tbl.sp. of powder, mixing, forming balls, which looking,like on 1/2 cent size, and using one ball for 3 times/day after meal.

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