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Phyto drug store.

In my hubby with elbow bursitis am cured of fresh burdock leaf, and warm place applied to ache, bandaged, in two days bandage changed is on new, as disease faster left his,and not worries on today.

Honey massage.

Am having arthrosis and working in cold water my fingers are wood,feeling like.Am found recipe,which helped me, as half tea.sp. of honey add on a turning out a lid of tea pot with hot water,after on ache joints apply hot bottles, am warmed my hands with heating pads for 15 minutes, as with two fingers used honey from a spoon,and softer massaged in ache joints,as when honey absorbing am used new portion, and rubbing, till remedy ending.Am used for 15 minutes procedure,after joint wrapped with gauze, for 4 layers, and warming with scarf, as am used course for ten seances, as thre days, as after in a day, in a two weeks if needing repeating course, but in three days.
Recipe this helped me, am hope and would help and you.

If a top of acetabulum hole is small, thus a head of hip bone is passes away from the joint.

As tops are rubbing about each other is stronger, that must to be, thus cartilage covering theirs as erasing,  where are aches having, bad mobility, and limps, and organism try to habit, as creating a high tighting of joint capsule, and tensions, but later,when disease progesses are tensions, muscles having are more weakness.
Asd more changes catchoing for nerves and vessels,thus a stronger disease level, as on the fourth level, patients are not mobility, but womens are high risks for displatic coxarthrosos, gonoarthrosis, as arthrosis for hip and knee jopints, as traumatic coxarthrosis having are adults of both sex, because of loosing bones tightness or osteoporosis, as on disease influence are over coolings, bad meal, obesity, infections, inside organs diseases,as therefore you are leading to the minimum are loads on an ache joints, as therefore these are popular squats, runs, jumps are very harmful for you, as not faster walk on the curve top, or on the exercise bike, but walks on the skies, swimming, massage, muds, bath,spa, hydro massage are benefit, but in out of acuting.
AD IN diet more melted meat, fish fat, milk, vegetables, fruits, berries, black bread, with strressfighting are autogene trains, or pther psychologic methods,as these mrthods are delasy process for destroy joints , ascvhgs lowering, improving your life quality, but a full cure you cannot to find, as cure leading just remession to, just to a timely symptoms calming, but if this methods are not helping, thus doing surgery, as of correcting osteotomia, endo protesing, as damaged joint changing of artifical implant.

Let free are for moves!

Why we are an often having osteoarthrosis? Because  we are entering in risk factors are ;pads, micro injuries,hypoxia, ishemia, mobility poor, but not meaning that he is display on as in  an all.
Orthopedist answered to us.
Deforming osteoarthrosis damaging are big joints,as  hip, knee, as display in one or a few joints, as reasons are different, bud base are first cartilage tissue damaging, and other parts of joint is capsule, subchondral tissue, tissues, muscles are secondary surviving, but universal reasons are not having, he displays under influence of different factors, as dysplasia, loading over, injuries as traumatic arthrosis, obesity,weak infections, genetically, as idiopatic or aging arthrosis is joint cartilage aging. As in hip of joint a top acetabular  hole and head of hip bone are ideally matching, thus tubing on each other ,.thanks to cartilage and joint liquid is minimally, but and feeding for joint happens good, so as blood vessels and nerves to him matching are not changed.

Mandalas are iris,knipholia, lamium,lavandula, lavatera,leucanthemun, lewisia ,liatris, ligularia,lilium, linum,liriope, lobelia, lupinus, luzula, lysimachia, lythrum, macleya, meconopsis

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