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Sandwiches with a mushroom oil.

4 pieces of rye bread, 4 pieces of ham, 4 tbl.sp. of chopped stewed mushrooms, 4 tbl.sp. of butter oil, onion one, tomato, radish red, cucumber one, green dill.
In shaken to the lush mass a butter oil to add are chopped stewed mushrooms, and shredded onion. And again mass to shake, and spread on the bread pieces.On the top put thin ham pieces, and before serve decorate are pieces of tomatoes, cucumber, red radish and green dill.

Sandwiches hot with mushrooms and tomatoes.

5 pieces of black or white bread, 200 gr of fresh mushrooms, one tbl.sp. oil or margarine, 2 tea.sp. of flour, 1/2 glass of milk or fromage, tomato, 2 tbl.sp. of shredding cheese, onion, salt,pepper.

Cleaned mushrooms to chop,stew with shredded onion in margarine, after add flour,fry,add milk, or fromage, cook til sauce thickness,pepper.

And on an every bread piece apply thick layer of mushrooms, on the top apply tomatoes rings, sprinkle with cheese.Bake theirs at 275C till a top ruddy.

Lactarius resimus, and saffron milk cap using for salting, russulas are to fry and salt, honey agarics are to fry, small hats of these mushrooms are very taste as salted and marinade kind.

Sandwiches with mushrooms, green onion, tomatoes.
200 gr of salted mushrooms, 4 pieces of rye bread, 3 tbl.sp. of butter oil, onion,tomato, green onion bunch, 4 tbl.sp. of fromage.
Chop mushrooms, add in rubbing onion, add fromage. Add  mass on the  pieces   of bread, spread with butter oil, and decorate with a fresh tomatoes pieces and green onion, serve.

Hot sandwiches with a force meat and mushrooms.

6 pieces of black bread, 20 gr of fat or margarine, 200 gr of meat force, one tea.sp. potato starch, three tbl.sp. of fromage, 3 tbl.sp. of water, onion, 100 gr of salted or marinade mushrooms, fat or vegetable oil, 5 eggs, salt, pepper, horse radish.
Bread pieces fry from one side, in force meat add chopped mushrooms, fromage, starch, water, chopped onion, dress salt, pepper, and all to shake. After a fried bread side cove a received mass, fry sandwich in fat, on a begin with a side covered a meat, after from an other, serve with on an every sandwich apply fried egg, or fried horse radish.

Sandwiches as forest.

Cleaned lactarius to salt abundant, and leave under salt for 2 hours!After put theirs on spreaded  oil are bread pieces,and connect heirs as pairs.

Sandwiches with marinade mushrooms with  mayonnaise.
On the  spreading oil are bread pieces  put marinade cutting or salted mushrooms, and on a top put mayonnaise.

Sandwiches with a salted mushrooms.
Wash salted mushrooms, chop, add in shredding onion, dress with fromage, apply on the bread.

Sandwiches with eggs and mushrooms.
Fried bread pieces cool,spread with oil, apply on top are hard boiled eggs pieces, as after apply mass of chopped eggs, yolk, salt, mustard, serve with a decorate as green of petroselinum.

Sandwiches with mushrooms and liver pate.
On the spreading with butter oil are pieces of bread apply pate layer, which o apply stewed in fromage are mushrooms, dressed with flour, sprinkle with cheese shredded and bake in oven, serve as hot.

Sandwiches with boletus.
As of the spreaded with a butter oil and salt sprinkled on the bread white apply pieces of hard boiled eggs, apply on top are fried hats of boletus, serve before decorate with a green petroselinum or celery.


Art is about a fox.

Bisquit with mushrooms.

As for biscuit.
3 1/2 glass of flour, ten eggs, 2 1/2 glass of  fromage, one tea.sp. of oil for the greasing a form.
As for the force meat.
one kg of fresh mushrooms, 2/3 glass of fromage.
one tbl.sp. of butter oil, one tbl.sp. of flour, 3 onions, one tbl.sp.. of green dill, and petroselinum, pepper,salt.
Cook pastry of yolk rubbed with a wood spoon, add fromage, flour, salt, and care add white eggs, shaken till foam.
Cook force meat of cleaned mushrooms boiled, add on the sieve, dry, rub, shredded onion to fry in oil till a golden colour, add in mushrooms, salt mass, fry in weak fire till a mushroom juice evaporating, after add flour, and mixing, mixing, fry till a golden colour, pepper add, salt by taste, cool. Of pastry cook are two plasts, one put in greased oil a form, and on the top put a force meat,leaving on the edges of pastry on the width are two cm, and force meat slightly to press in pastry, close a second plast, put in not hot oven, and bake biscuit.

Puffs snacks of mushrooms.
100 gr of butter cheese, 100 gr of canned mushrooms, one tbl.sp. of chopped onion, 1/8 tea.sp. of spicy pepper sauce, 230 gr of puff yeast pastry.
Dry mushrooms, add in butter cheese, onion, sauce, to mix till one kind with blender. Rolled pastry cut on the four rectangles.A mushroom mass spread on the pastry top, and with a long side beginning and rolling theirs, every roll cut on the small pieces,put on the form, bake puffs in oven for ten minutes and on 220C.

Cheese kish with a ham and mushrooms.

As for pastry use 2 glasses of flour, 2 eggs, one tbl.sp. of starch, 2 tbl.sp. of fromage, 100 gr of oil, salt.

For filling.
200 gr of ham, 200 gr of fresh mushrooms, 300 gr of cheese.
As for pour over are 150 gr of creams, 3 eggs, nutmeg.
As flour to mix with starch, and oil, add eggs,salt, fromage, form pastry, and infuse his in cold for hour, and cheese with ham to cut on the cubes, chop mushrooms. Shake creams with a nutmeg, add eggs. Plast of pastry on a form with a covered pergament and greased oil, form a rim, and on the top apply ham, mushroooms, cheese and pour over a cream s mixture, and cook in oven on 200C, within 30 minutes, and serve to the white wine.

Mushroom pie of a puff pastry.
500 gr of ready puff pastry, 500 gr of fresh shampinons, 2 big onions, 250 gr of cheese as easy melting, 4 tbl.;sp. of vegetable oil, petroselinum, dill.
5 tops of green onions, salt,spices  by taste.
Freeze out pastry, warm oven to 200 C, clean mushrooms, chop, and fry in a pan to evaporating juices,and shred onion, add in  mushrooms, add oil,fry till ruddy mushrooms.Salt mass, add spices. Ready filling to cool, pastry put on the dry oven, and sprinkle a chopped green onion, and on the top put a warm filling and put in oven.Bake are 15 minutes on 220C, after sprinkle a pie with a chopped petroselinum, and dill, and cover a top with shredding cheese and pout in oven for 15 minutes. Ready pie is a ruddy pastry, and melting cheese.

Pie with a fresh mushrooms.

As for pastry.
2 glasses of vegetable oil, 2 glasses of beer, 3 tbl.sp. of sugar, 1/2 tea.sp. of soda burned by vinegar of 6 percent,salt by taste.
For filling.
500 gr of fresh mushrooms, 3 tbl.Sp. of vegetable oil, glass of fromage, one tbl.sp. of chopped dill, egg, salt, pepper by taste.
Cook pastry of vegetable oil mixing in sugar, salt, add beer, soda, mixing adding flour till a not thick pastry getting.Divide pastry on the half, roll in two plasts, and put for two hours in refrigerator. Cook filling of cleaned mushrooms fry in vegetable oil, salt,sprinkle with dill, pepper, pour over fromage. After all an to boil lead,cool, add same layer on the pastry plast, putting on the greased with a vegetable oil a form, close a filling from a top a second plast, edge pastry fix for around. Middle on a top plast form holes for a steam evaporating from a filling on the baking timer, grease pastry with egg, bake his in oven on the middle hot.

Pie with morchella.

250 gr of margarine or butter oil, 1 1/2 glass of flour, 150 ml. of water, 500 gr of fresh morchella, 2 onions, salt, pepper.
Flour mix in warmed fat, add water,salt, and good formed pastry put in refrigerator for a few time.After roll on the two different parts, where is big as low side of pie.Cook mushrooms in salted water, chop, pepper and mix in shredding onion, form pie, greaser a shaken egg, and keep are 20 minutes in oven at 220C.

A pie with a salted lactarius.
For pastry.
1 1/2 glass of vegetable oil, bottle of sour milk, 1/2 glass of sugar, flour, lemon acid pinch, salt by taste.
For filling are one kg of mushrooms, 3 onions, 1/2 glass of vegetable oil, egg, pepper by taste.
Cook pastry of sugar diluting in sour milk, add vegetable oil, lemon acid, salt,flour,just adding a flour, just to soft kind of pastry, form good his, and 3/4 cooked pastry roll till plast, and put on the greased with an vegetable oil a plast a form.
Cook filling. Shred onion, fry in oil vegetable warm in pan, in yellow begin add washed and chopped mushrooms salted,pepper, fry. Add filling a same layer on the plast of pastry and close with an other,also rolled till plast a pastry. Fix edges of both plasts on the sides .And on the middle of top plast form a hole as for steam  evaporating from a filling on the baking time, grease pie with egg, and bake in oven in the middle hot.


Voronezh pie with a honey agarics.

For the pastry.
6 glasses of flour, 400 gr of vegetable  lard, 3 eggs, 1/2 glass of fromage, one tbl.sp. of salt.
For the filling.
5 kg of fresh honey agarics, glass of vegetable oil, glass of fromage, salt,pepper by taste.
Cook pastry.
Rub a lard, add flour, add fromage,shaken with eggs and salt.
Form pastry, infuse in cold for 30 minutes, and separate his on half, and roll in two plasts.
Cook filling of cleaned mushrooms chopped,washed, add on sieve,dry on the towel, salt, pepper, and after mushrooms put on the hot pan in boiling vegetable oil, and put in warm oven. And mushrooms needing frying till crunch,like rusks, and fried mushrooms to fill in pie.And one of plast put on the form, greased with vegetable oil, and on the pastry put a same layer as filling and close a next plast. Edges of top plasts wrap under edges of low. A grease pastry with egg, as  lid of pie or top plast on diagonal to cit on the strips with width on two cm, bake pie in a hot oven, and put on the board, and care through a cuts on the lid add filling in a hot pie,as slightly salted fromage .Close a pie with cellophane or pergament, that fromage filling in , serve as warm pie.

A pie with a mushrooms and pumpkin.
As for the filling.
50 gr of pumpkin, cleaned and chopped, 3 big fresh shampinons, 3 garlics, one tbl.sp. oregano and petroselinum,as chopped, salt, pepper.
For the pastry.
3 tbl.sp. of olive oil, 150 ml. of milk, 2 tbl.sp. of shredding cheese, 2 1/2 tbl.sp. of flour, one tea.sp. of baked powder.
Cook filling of cleaned pumpkin, chopped mushrooms, warm oven till 200C, grease form with oil, mix on his are mushrooms with pumpkin, roll theirs in butter oil, sprinkle with salt,pepper, bake for 15 minutes, after to add garlic chopped and herbs.

And pastry to cook.
As ingredients in blender to mix, or shake, add in in ready forms, add filling and bake for 30 minutes.

Baked of mushrooms.Pizza with mushrooms.

As for pastry.
two glasses of flour, 200 gr of the butter oil, 200 gr of fromage, salt by taste.

For filling.
500 gr of fresh or salted mushrooms, 3 tbl.sp. of butter or vegetable oil, 3 eggs, 1/2 glass of milk, 1 tbl.sp. of lemon juice, 3 tbl.sp. of chopped petroselinum, 5 onions, salt, pepper by taste.
Cook pastry of flour, oil, fromage, as to form pastry, salt, infuse for 15 minutes , after roll pancake on 0.7 cm in thickness as by the form size,and of this pastry form a flagella and around a pancake to put, grease yolk a pastry. And cook filing of chopped mushrooms, fried in pan, shred onion, fry as not with mushrooms, both  are after spread a same on the pastry top, and pour over a mass of milk shaked in eggs added and juice of lemon,salt, pepper, chopped green.A put pizza in oven and bake till ready.

Rasstegai with mushrooms and rice.
As for the pastry are 800 gr of flour, 50 gr of yeasts, 250 gr of butter margarine, one glass of milk, salt,sugar are by taste.
For filling are 200 gr of dried mushrooms, onion, 3 table.sp. of margarine, 100 gr of boiled rice, salt, pepper.
As for the grease is 1 1/2 tbl.sp. o butter oil.
As cook pastry and infuse in warm for fermenting, leave for him are two times rising and two times knead his.

Rasstegai are differencing of pies as by forms,they are around, with an open middle, and baking are small kinds,as around,and ,like boats with an open middle. As for the filling using are eggs, meat, mushrooms, rice, and salted cheese as brynza, serve theirs for snacks to the meat, fish broth or jellied fish soup.

Cooking filling of wetted mushrooms for 2 hours in the cold water, and cook in her, after wash theirs in sieve,to mince meat, or rub. Cut onion, fry in margarine, add in mass of mushrooms, and fry for 5 minutes, cool, add in friable rice, salt, pepper. Form rasstegai and bake at 200-210 C till ready. After baking grease with an oil, and serve to the fish broth.

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